We are often asked why a new Rotary club was started in Juneau. The reasons are many and varied upon who you ask, in this article we'll explain the logic and the genesis of this new Rotary offering to the Juneau Community.
    The Rotary International organization is lead by an International President, a Board of Directors, and a Secretary. Every three years a meeting is held called the Council on Legislation. It is where Rotary Clubs and Districts can put forth ideas for changing the organization. In April of 2016 the Council made many sweeping changes which permitted Rotary clubs to formally adopt different methods of structuring their membership, holding less meetings, and focus on engagement rather than attendance, just to name a few. These changes were embraced by the Board and then RI President John Germ. It was in 2016 when a steering committee of some then current and past Juneau area Rotarians began meeting to debate the benefits of creating a new Rotary club based upon these changes. Long story short - and with help from Rotary District 5010 and several past District Governors we were full speed ahead!
    We were chartered by Rotary International on October 19, 2016. Rotary International President John Germ wrote in his letter congratulating our effort, "It's an honor to welcome the Rotary Club of Juneau 58° Innovators into the Rotary family. Your club has been created because all of you have something in common: a need to make a difference through service." It was a big day and a big accomplishment! And since that day, we have been adding members and having fun building our club's persona as well as our place in the Juneau community.
    What makes us different is also what sets us apart. In today's ever connected, switched-on world, it is difficult for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to find the time to disconnect and unplug, let alone be involved in a service organization like a Rotary Club. From job pressures, daily life, and raising a family, the time for service should meet your schedule not complicate it! Here are some highlights:
    • We meet after work  (5pm-6pm)
    • We meet in family/kid-friendly locations (yes, kids are welcome!)
    • We meet only 2 times a month
    • We rotate our meeting between Downtown & Valley (just like the original founders of Rotary)
    • We have different types of memberships (Student, Military, Retiree, Spouse...to name a few)
    • We rely on the club members to guide what the club does
    • Zero cost meetings - we don't force you to buy coffee or a meal (helps keep membership dues low)