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September 3rd Regular Meeting

Here's your chance to hear from both sides for the Fair Share Act that will be on the ballot at the fall election. Be an informed voter -- understand the pros and cons of this issue. All are welcome to attend this meeting. Please email for the Innovators Zoom meeting link.
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I learned last night (11/12) that the DZ Trail Project is officially FINISHED! Those of you that helped work on it this past summer probably felt like it was an impossible feat - mucking all that gravel especially that special BOULDER size gravel!! UGH! Well, it turns out that Trail Mix picked up where we Rotarians finished after our second work weekend and it's now a completed trail - offering WAY SAFER travel to the children in the Lemon Creek area! Way to GO TEAM!
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November is Foundation Month!

As we celebrate November's recognition as Foundation Month, its only fitting we hold a PARTY!
Join us for a SUPER SPECIAL meeting on November 15th at JuneauCoworking @ 5:30pm. 
  • Door Prizes
  • Silent Auction
  • Complimentary Taco Bar
  • Alcohol for Purchase
This is our normally scheduled 2nd meeting of November and its OPEN to the Public!
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Trail Work Party!

Posted on Aug 25, 2018

Show Us How You WORK IT!

Come join us and other Juneau Rotarians along with Trail Mix, Inc. to repair this beautiful trail system in Lemon Creek! We will be out on August 25th to help with labor then again on September 8th. Parking is at the DZ lower parking lot. Once the signage and bench are placed - we'll celebrate with a Community BBQ. Sign up for one of the 2 work parties on the 25th (9-Noon OR 1-4pm) by clicking the link below!


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Our second Rotary Youth Exchange Inbound student IÑAKI arrived Safe and Sound (and a little tired) on Sunday August 12th! Stay tuned to learn about how you can get to know him and learn about his home country of Chile! 
WELCOME IÑAKI! Chris Letterman 2018-08-22 08:00:00Z 0

Isabelle's Going Away

A nice time was had by all at Isabelle's going away last Saturday. IÑAKI treated us to some homemade authentic dishes from Chile (there was none left!). We played Chile trivia (I did terrible) but Cherish Hansen kicked butt!  (Kevin and Cherish are IÑAKI's first host family). Thank you to Bethany and Mack Gassan for hosting!!
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Why Juneau needed a 4th Rotary Club

We are often asked why a new Rotary club was started in Juneau. The reasons are many and varied upon who you ask, in this article we'll explain the logic and the genesis of this new Rotary offering to the Juneau Community.
    Why Juneau needed a 4th Rotary Club Chris Letterman 2018-03-25 08:00:00Z 0
    Dust off your Irish! It's Blarney Bash Time! Chris Letterman 2018-03-02 09:00:00Z 0

    Rotary Fun Run

    It was great day for a run! The Innovators hosted the Rotary Fun Run and raised funds for supporting the club's focus on homeless and youth programs.
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    Giulia Arrives!

    Rotary Youth Exchange Student Giulia Marzulli arrived on August 5th from Rome, Italy. It was a long flight but Giulia was happy to have finally made it to Alaska. She will be staying with her first host family - the Letterman's and will have three host families over her year in Juneau.
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    What a "BASH" - A BLARNEY BASH!!! 2017-03-17 08:00:00Z 0

    India celebrates three years without polio

    Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
    The three-year achievement sets the stage for polio-free certification of the entire Southeast Asia region by the World Health Organization. The Indian government also plans to convene a polio summit in February to commemorate this victory in the global effort to eradicate polio.
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